• Introducing
    Quantum HPC Portal
    The CAE batch job submission web app

HPC Management Portal

Easily Submit, Control and Monitor CAE Jobs and Manage HPC Cluster. Quantum HPC Portal allows engineers to submit jobs to HPC servers in-house or in the cloud with customizable templates. Easily distribute jobs on your cluster across multiple nodes from a web browser.

Simple Computation

Start batch computation or remote Vizualisation sessions from a simple web page.

Easy access to the information

Monitor nodes, job queues and license availability.


Manage your data

Upload/Download files for your computations. Organize remote folders and working directories.

Bring your servers online

Change node power-state including bare-metal and cloud servers.

Job Submission

Workload Monitoring

Data Management

HPC made easy

Bare-Metal or Cloud Clusters

  • From a single server to a large cluster, in-house or in the cloud, deploy Quantum HPC Portal to easily submit jobs from anywhere.
  • Deploy on your private cluster or a public cloud: compatible with AWS, Google Cloud Engine, Azure, Rackspace. Bring your own account and we set-up the rest.
  • Use your own Cloud Provider account to deploy dynamic clusters and start as many servers as you need for your job, shutdown when finish, paying only for what you need.

Multi-platform web app

  • Control and monitor jobs from any device from anywhere.
  • Application specific integrations: Follow output log file and/or residuals for well-known CAE applications running in batch.


  • Comes with pre-defined templates for most-used CAE applications to start batch computation. Create your own templates to run your application in batch.
  • Interact with multiple cluster workload managers including PBS/Torque, SLURM, OpenLava, LSF, OGE, SGE, ... with open-source interfaces published on Github.