Quantum HPC Portal launch

2016 will be a great year for us: after a year of activity building strong relationships with engineers and scientific teams by providing support and hardware, we are releasing our first application to complement our offer: Quantum HPC Portal is our first application to submit, control and monitor jobs running on a remote server through a job scheduler.

Running CAE applications such as Fluent, Mechanical, Abaqus, Star-CCM+, ... will never be as easy using custom job templates for each application to start a batch computation on your cluster or even a single server, and everything is running inside a dynamic web page, meaning that you will be able to access the application from every computer or smart device.

The Portal is compatible with every application running in command-line, which is pretty much all the applications available for engineers today. For each application, a template is defined listing available options to run the application: cpus, distributed- or shared-memory, solver type, etc... which is translated into a dynamic web forms to select the options for the computation as well as upload one or several input files.

Another customizable template is defined to follow the convergence of the run allowing tons of customization for each application added to the pre-defined templates available within the portal for well-known CAE applications.

Apart from the ability to manage batch jobs, the application integrates a remote storage manager and special cluster related commands will be integrated to control the power state of a cluster or deploy new nodes on bare-metal cluster or in the cloud by bringing-your-own Cloud provider account.

Following our open-source initiative, most of the interfaces used inside the portal will also be made available on Github to further push customization such Node JS interfaces for PBS/Torque and FlexLm license server.

In the following months, we will publish deeper looks on the major features of the Portal:

  1. Job submission with custom templates
  2. Storage Management
  3. Workload manager nodes and queues management
  4. CAE license availability and statistics
  5. Bare-Metal and Cloud servers control

Today we are releasing the beta version of our application with still a lot of features to come but enough to send and retrieve jobs and files from a simple web page. Starting today, the application will be integrated on our custom prepared servers and clusters to complete the existing integration with well-known CAE applications.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details or to request a demo! We'll take a pleasure showing you our first application.

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