Unveiling the Quantum HPC Product line

Today we unveil the new range of Quantum HPC products including computational servers from the most compact with 16 cores to the most efficient with 44 cores as well as workstations optimized for performance and instant responsiveness.

On each product page you can configure directly your machine with the processor, the RAM, the type of network and the hard drives that you wish and receive an personalized estimate for your machine. These machines are completely customisable and allow you to choose the best compromise of power for your simulations.

Progressively, instant prices will become available and soon you should be able to order your machine directly through our website and receive it in your office.


Workstations benefits from the last generations of Intel® Core Skylake & Broadwell-E processors and the fastest DDR4 RAM available. Each station is optimized for performance and responsiveness dropping the support for ECC RAM, essential for lengthy computations, to take advantage of higher frequencies but always with an incomparable stability. The ideal companion for the pre- and the post-treatment.



Computational servers

The computational servers will be available in various sizes to adapt itself to all conditions and to all environments: from the Nano version to sit on the top of your desk with the last line of Intel® Xeon® D Broadwell on a mini-ITX motherboard with System-on-Chip from SuperMicro® or in the Mini version to benefit from the line of Intel® Xeon® Broadwell-EP Processor E5 1600/2600 v4 processors in mono- or dual-CPUs configuration up to 44 cores in an Extended-ATX case and up to the traditional rack server. Going through our configurator you can choose in detail the components of your server to obtain the performance adapted to your needs, and every server is always configured to be optimized for the simulation.

Each server is delivered preconfigured with Linux and a job scheduler (PBS Pro or Torque) to provide without further delay a computational queue to your team (also available: Windows HPC). For ANSYS users, it is a unique opportunity to create an RSM (Remote Solve Manager) computational server easy to share within the organization. And always, your server is customisable with the solutions that you need: remote access solution, backup management, file server, etc....

Special offer: For each computational server, you will receive a 6-month trial for our job management portal pre-intalled and pre-configured on your server with support and updates.


Combine workstation and computational server from Quantum HPC to obtain a unique solution for your simulation environment.


You will find the complete line of products on our page:


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