HPC Cloud Clusters Management Portal for CAE, CFD and FEA simulations

In the following weeks, we are going to release our latest platform on the cloud which is the result of a long collaboration between Quantum HPC and the engineers we work close to on a daily basis helping them improving their simulation workflow and an evolution of our bare-metal HPC Cluster Management Platform. Quantum HPC Cloud Portal allows engineers to submit jobs to pre-configured HPC servers deployed on cloud providers with their favorite application. Easily distribute jobs across multiple nodes, track convergence and retrieve outputs in a simple web page.

As part of the beta trial, Quantum HPC is offering computation time to test and challenge its platform and double-check everything before opening up to the world. Sign up now for a chance to try simulation-on-demand on a simple and intuitive platform, there is a limited number of trial accounts so hurry up!

Sign up now and receive:

100 credits

Selected participants will be contacted in the following weeks with their credentials and a tutorial to access the platform.

  • Pricing

    We want to keep it simple, no credit card required, you get a stock of credits that you can allocate to one or several clusters.

    No storage charge, No transfer charge, credits are allocated only for the cluster running time:

    1 credit = 4 cores/hour

    100 credits is equivalent to 400 cores-hour i.e. 400 cores for 1 hour, or 200 cores for 2 hours, etc …

  • Support

    During your first steps on the platform, you will be supported to rapidly set-up in an HPC cluster in the cloud and be ready to send your first jobs.

  • Licensing

    BYOL : Bring-your-own-license with a secure and simple utility to let the cluster access your company license server.

  • Tests

    You can also practice on the micro instances containing a single cpu to deploy a cluster of several instances free of charge, not enough to run a big job but sufficent to understand the workflow of running a simulation in the cloud.

Choosing Quantum HPC Cloud it’s having the ability to deploy on-demand clusters of any size pre-configured with your favorite CAE, CAD, FEA or CFD application and having access to the latest hardware technology to leverage your license pool while controlling costs with a pre-allocated credit system avoiding any overcharges or surprises.

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Quantum HPC Cloud Platform

HPC-on-demand for CAE applications

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