Premium Features

Start, Control and Track your jobs with a simple interface.

Choose an application, fill-out the options, send an input file and follow the progress of your batch jobs or start a remote desktop and leverage the computational power of your cluster to use your application.

Batch computations

  • Start batch computations for a large set of pre-defined application templates.
  • Track convergence, residuals and custom outputs in live.
  • Control outputs, save in your personnal storage and reuse later.

Remote vizualisation jobs

  • Deploy a desktop alongside your cluster to post-process your simulation in real-time in the cloud or start a GUI application to control and start a job on the nodes of the cluster.
  • GPU-powered desktop: Enable 3D-acceleration in your remote session and display OpenGL applications in a seamless way.

Data Management

  • Leverage fast I/O local scratch storage with your cluster with RAID0 SSDs or NVMe.
  • Deploy on your private cluster or a public cloud: compatible with AWS, Google Cloud Engine, Azure, Rackspace. Bring your own account and we set-up the rest.
  • Use your own Cloud Provider account to deploy dynamic clusters and start as many servers as you need for your job, shutdown when finish, paying only for what you need.

License Transfer

  • Use a license server hosted on one of our servers or access company cloud-hosted license server directly
  • Bring-your-own-license: use our simple license transfer mechanism to allow freshly-deployed cloud clusters to access your in-house license server securely.


  • Comes with pre-defined templates for most-used CAE applications to start batch computation. Create your own templates to run your application in batch.
  • Interact with multiple cluster workload managers including PBS/Torque, SLURM, OpenLava, LSF, OGE, SGE, ... with open-source interfaces published on Github.